I’m Benson, a professional wedding photographer based in Dublin. I worked for many, many years in a different field until I finally understood that only photography would satisfy me as a life-long career. Photography is a lifestyle choice for me and I’ve allowed its creative drive and adventurous spirit to work with me. I pushed aside the comforts of a corporate job, moved across the world and – armed only with my camera and a committed heart– offer professional photography with a relaxed, natural and elegant photojournalist style. I’m originally from Brazil: land of samba, colours, contrasts and the magic of creation. I was surrounded by the joy of life and I now bring that joy into my photography.

For years, I’ve been consumed by a passion for photography and the world around me. On my trips and adventures, I’ve snapped away, loving every single place I had the pleasure to visit. But it was here, in London, that all this energy made sense. Who could be more lucky in this world than a wedding photographer? Living each day photographing the happiest day of a couple’s life?! I love people, places, culture and the unique moments they create when coming together. Through the lens of my camera and with a smile on my face, I know how lucky I am to capture them!  In each wedding, there is a beautiful story to be told, a story of joy and happiness, and I always feel privileged to be a part of these wonderful moments – documenting it all through my photographs.

So, a bit more about me…I love art and photography. I’m inspired by many other people such as the amazing and colourful Martin Parr’s work, Zack Arias, Alex Webb and Matt Stuart just to name a few! If you check out their work you will see a deep connection to street photography, colours and composition that I try to bring to my photography. When I’m not taking photos I love indie rock, caipirinha cocktails and chocolate – always leaving the best part for the last bite!

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